An Adjustable table divider for dog groomers

Made for Groomers by Groomers

Helps reduce back, shoulder & hip pain

Whether you stand or sit to groom,your poor posture is the reason you have pain. Move Over Rover will help correct your stance enabling you to work more comfortably.

Adjustable to 6 depth settings

6 practical and adjustable table depth settings. Easy to adjust to suit the size of the dog being groomed. It has a simple pin system that is quick to change to the depth setting of your choice.

Helps dogs feel Safe & Secure

It’s important that your furry customers feel safe and secure whilst being groomed, and with Move Over Rover there’s no more migrating to the back of the table.


After years of back breaking grooming,  leaning across to the far side of the grooming table to reach your dog and suffering with aching shoulders and back ache we decided to come up with a way of keeping the dog (“Rover”) closer to us to save our backs and shoulders, and after a year of trials and testing we are delighted to bring you our new product ‘Move Over Rover’.

One product that this industry can not be wothout!!!

One product that this industry can not be without!!!! Anyone who takes the plunge will not regret it and I can safely say it’s the best on the market the other ones don’t compare by a long way.

Wayne John Roby

Highly recommended

Highly recommended…if you suffer with back pain, this is your solution. Thank you Philippa for creating this fab idea. Mirror effect priceless.

Esme, Guildford

Absolutely love our Move Over Rover

Absolutely love our Move Over Rover been testing and it’s helped my back and side loads, no more wall hugging doggies definietly a needs must for groomers.

Georgia Fuller

Wow wow wow!

Wow wow wow! What a difference, I installed my move over rover straight away (which was pretty easy) You can feel the difference straight away, from the very first dog. Thank you so much.

Elle, Southampton

It has definitely helped reduce my shoulder pain

It has definitely helped reduce my shoulder pain I have 2 torn rotator cuffs and reduced my back pain it wasn’t hard to install and as a bonus I love the pictures of dogs infront of it.

Kath Drake

This has really helped with my upper back pain

This has really helped with my upper back pain leaning over. I love the mirror as it is a great tool to check your dig from different angles. Money well spent and thank you for the bows you sent me free of charge.

Amy Crookes

Wish I’d had one ages ago

I have recently purchased a move over rover. Wish I’d had one ages ago. No more back ache dog feels more secure and I have found another bonus, they don’t back off the table any more either. I have the mirrored one and it helps with reflecting light. I have had collies and labs on

Susie Capg

I’ve had 50kg dogs on it and it works perfectly

I have a move over rover too, have had the fabric ones and this is even better totally adjustable and I’ve had 50kg dogs on it and it works perfectly. Yes it’s more expensive but it’s worth every single penny.

Sue Pratt

I was already feeling the benefits

I installed my Move Over Rover just this afternoon and after grooming for a few hours with it, I was already feeling the benefits. I wasn’t needing to lean over or reposition dogs in the middle of the table. Not only has it helped me but I also saw a huge difference in the table

Melissa Bull

Fab, friendly service

Fab, friendly service! Nothing is too much for them! Rang me out of hours as I work late nights to answer my questions! Was sceptical at first about how much would help, god was I wrong. I was nearly ringing the doctors for a referral for my back as it was so bad, turns out

Rachel Downes

It’s a solid divider which you can move forwards or backwards

I have the Move Over Rover, its a solid divider which you can move forwards or backwards to suit the dog your grooming. Absolutely love it. I have the mirrored one as it makes my small salon feel brighter and I can turn it around to use the grey on the back if I need

Sharon Mills

I upgraded to a Move Over Rover and it’s a total game changer

I had a fabric divider but found it a pain to keep moving on and off for big dogs and its obviously only one setting, also found it covered in hair too much and dogs put their paws up on it. It’s ok for a quick fix. I upgraded to a move over rover and

Tina West

I love my Move Over Rover

I love my Move Over Rover, it’s an absolute life saver I thought I was gonna have to give up grooming but not now I can carry on as I was with no back pain. A very professional service and good advice. I’d recommend to all groomers.

Gail Clements

Made bespoke

Made Bespoke for your grooming table in a range of Fabulous colours to compliment your style.

Reduce stress

Keeps the dog closer to you saving your body from the stresses of dog grooming.

Easy to order

Just a few simple measurements is all that’s required to order.

(Full photo instructions will be sent to you )

Stop backaches today

Finally a grooming aid for the well being of dogs and pet groomers, aimed at preventing and easing punishing, posture related aches & pains.