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Developed for groomers, by groomers

As experienced dog groomers we understand the difficulties faced by spending long days, leaned over a grooming table while lovingly applying your craft. The daily stresses of grooming soon tells on your body and can be felt in various joints and muscle groups, this is the problem we’ve faced personally which is why we invented Move Over Rover.

With our aim being your health and safety, and well-being its taken 2 years of trials, testing and research to find the best product to offer you a top quality grooming aid.

Move Over Rover will help prevent and reduce back strain due to bad posture whilst grooming.



Made in the UK

All of our products are hand crafted, tested and dispatched from the UK.


Made to last

Manufactured form the best materials, our grooming table accessories are made to last for years of regular use. Fabricated from durable metals and tested before dispatch we are confident in every product we produce.


Made for you

Each Move Over Rover product is made specific to you and your setup, just a few simple measurements are required – which we can guide you through providing.

Helps Reduce Back Shoulder and Hip Pain

Helps improve your posture whilst grooming. It doesn’t matter if you stand or sit to groom, Move Over Rover will reduce back, shoulder and hip pain which means you can work more effectively for a bit longer.

Adjusts To Your Table -Adjustable to 6 Depth Settings

Divides to your table -Adjustable to 6 depth settings.

Conveniently placed pins allow you to bring the dog you are working with closer to you as required.

Adjustments are quick, simple and safe. Done in a manner that is quick and convenient as you work. This gentle adjustments doesn’t cause any alarm or surprise to your furry friend.


Perfect for groomers of all setups

The sturdy divider allows dogs to lean which helps them to feel safer during their groom. We have 2 styles including Mini Rover which is a light weight board , perfect for groomers who are mobile in vans and perfect for small to medium sized dogs and also Maxi Rover which is the sturdiest option made from strong plastic , will support small to large breeds.


Every board is made Bespoke for your table ,the price may vary dependant on the size of your table .

Choose the board that suits you best –

Mini Rover – The slim board for small to medium size dogs. Perfect for most groomers and mobile groomers as it is light weight. A selection of colours to choose from. Also premium option of metallic and mirror board.

Maxi Rover – A robust board suitable for small to large breeds perfect for all groomers ,home based or in a Salon . A range of colours available.


Mini Rover Mirror from £245.00

Maxi Rover – all colours, from £299.00